Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why does cleaning make such a mess?

Why is it that whenever I try to make my sewing room tidier it ends up just the opposite?

It all started with (finally!!!) getting my Little Gracie quilt frame set up, it took me about six months to get the staining project done and another six to look at the pieces before I got it done! Jeez. I realized just how many scraps I have and decided they should go into a string quilt; and that's how my sewing room now loo
ks like the rainbow fabric fairy hit me with a tornado of bits and pieces like these.

The very first few blocks I made I liked, then I placed about 10 together and didn't like it anymore. So, I did a little surfing and found some photos of ones I liked better that had a strip of black in the center to help gives your eyes a
rest and make a pattern. WAY BETTER!!!!!

And here is what it looks like now:

I was thinking that this would be my "ugly, I don't care" quilt, but I do like how it turned out and apparently so does my FIL. I've never heard him go on about how pretty a quilt was until he saw the sections laid out on my table, he even suggested adding a border! This is now "Jims' Quilt" and I need to hurry up and finish it for him. I think he'll be pretty surprised and happy that it's for him!

The sun is finally shining a little today over my house, I think I will go soak some of it up and then take a few more photos while I don't need the flash. Happy Day!!

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