Thursday, March 4, 2010

Korbyn and Tyler

Well, this isn't really "crafty" but it is photo-art of my little (?) girl and her boyfriend, Tyler. He's a photographer also, as you can see by these pictures they took at the beach in Florida. I think they look scarily like pictures from a casual beach wedding, but they are NOT!

Mom, seems like it takes too long for images to load when I send them to you, so I thought this would be a great way to share stuff with you. Of course, since this is a "blog" and it's going to be mostly crafty stuff, maybe others will follow along too.

Lately I've been making lots of bags, surprise! They all needed a little "something" so first I made some fabric flowers, they turned out very nice and I liked them, until I made a bright bag that needed even MORE. So I did some playing around and decided I liked this the best. It looks delicate, but is just made of felt with a sparkly button in the center. Now, I just need to take some pictures of the bags too......

For now, this is a picture of the bag that I made for Korbyns boyfriends Mom. She drew the picture and I colored and stitched it and made it into this..................................................................
I think it turned out pretty good, Korbyn was going to have Tinkerbell sign it for her too.