Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pretty Wall Hanging!

While browsing through Flickr, I found  this I loved it so much and had this lonely dresden plate I made a while ago just waiting to be used, so here's my version.  
2011-07-31 13.21.40-1.jpg by redfirquilter

I think it turned out very pretty, for now it's hanging on the wall in my sewing room.  

I have lots of other stuff I've been working on so I'll be back soon to share!
2011-07-31 13.21.40-1.jpg

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Modern BOM - Sew Along

Modern BOM - Sew Along by redfirquilter
Modern BOM - Sew Along, a photo by redfirquilter on Flickr.
Modern BOM - Sew Along

I decided to follow along with the Modern BOM over at SewMamaSew , heres the link:

I like this block well enough on it's own, but I'm not too sure about a whole quilt of this pattern.  Maybe I will try a few other colors and add them all together.

I received my partner information in the "For the Love of Solids" swap.  I'm already stalking her; all I can say is that she seams to like a lot of color and I am feeling the pressure of making her something marvelous.  I want to go unique...different...but I want her to like it too!  Hhhhmmmmmm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  I'll have to brainstorm some more.

Because I am apparently crazy, I've also joined the Nubees swap, I'm in hive #2.
AND, the 3x6 Bee, I'm in hive #13.

Wow, I have a lot of blocks to make.  That's okay, it's just the figuring out which blocks to make!

On the home front, 600 sf of flooring was installed today and I really should be mopping and things away right now.  It's been almost seven months of forced remodeling in the kitchen but now that it's done, it was well worth it!  My camera is dead at the moment but I will post some pictures soon.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Been Traveling

I've been traveling....2900 miles from my home in Oregon to Washington D.C.
In a Honda Accord, with literally EVERY inch crammed with the stuff a 21 year old girl thinks she needs to take with her to her new home; oh, and a Chihuahua named Charley that likes to sit on the drivers lap most of the time.  (I'm gonna miss that little guy darn it)

Before I left I almost finished a quilt for my daughter.  As in, it was 1/2 quilted and instead of finishing it for her, I went out and had margaritas the night before we left and didn't feel like finishing it then!

So, first thing (well, two days later) when I got home I finished the quilting on her quilt and now I'm making some pillows to match.  Once they are done I will post some pictures of the set.  (See below for the pictures of this quilt so far)

Also, I'm happy to say that I have joined some on-line block swaps, the all solid modern swap on flicker and the  I'm super excited to get started, although a little worried that I may quickly get addicted and join every swap I can, LOL.

And finally, on the ETSY front, I have been commissioned for another custom made quilt, how awesome is that!!!  This quilt will be done in the "Dreaming in French" fabrics by Patricia Bravo, Art Gallery Fabrics.  I just love this line and swooped some up the first day I saw it!  We're thinking the pattern will be simple stripes to enhance each fabrics beauty.  I will post pictures of everything as I go!

Have a great day till next time--Shirley

2011-06-18 12.21.15.jpg

2011-06-18 12.21.15.jpg by redfirquilter
2011-06-18 12.21.15.jpg, a photo by redfirquilter on Flickr.

2011-06-20 12.29.32.jpg

2011-06-20 12.29.32.jpg by redfirquilter
2011-06-20 12.29.32.jpg, a photo by redfirquilter on Flickr.

2011-06-20 12.29.32.jpg

2011-06-18 12.58.06.jpg

2011-06-18 12.58.06.jpg by redfirquilter
2011-06-18 12.58.06.jpg, a photo by redfirquilter on Flickr.

2011-06-18 12.58.06.jpg