Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Been Traveling

I've been traveling....2900 miles from my home in Oregon to Washington D.C.
In a Honda Accord, with literally EVERY inch crammed with the stuff a 21 year old girl thinks she needs to take with her to her new home; oh, and a Chihuahua named Charley that likes to sit on the drivers lap most of the time.  (I'm gonna miss that little guy darn it)

Before I left I almost finished a quilt for my daughter.  As in, it was 1/2 quilted and instead of finishing it for her, I went out and had margaritas the night before we left and didn't feel like finishing it then!

So, first thing (well, two days later) when I got home I finished the quilting on her quilt and now I'm making some pillows to match.  Once they are done I will post some pictures of the set.  (See below for the pictures of this quilt so far)

Also, I'm happy to say that I have joined some on-line block swaps, the all solid modern swap on flicker and the  I'm super excited to get started, although a little worried that I may quickly get addicted and join every swap I can, LOL.

And finally, on the ETSY front, I have been commissioned for another custom made quilt, how awesome is that!!!  This quilt will be done in the "Dreaming in French" fabrics by Patricia Bravo, Art Gallery Fabrics.  I just love this line and swooped some up the first day I saw it!  We're thinking the pattern will be simple stripes to enhance each fabrics beauty.  I will post pictures of everything as I go!

Have a great day till next time--Shirley

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